Texas Grid Instability: Be Proactive, Promote Energy Security, Fix the Grid, and Save $$$

A Long, Hot Summer
One thing that all Texans can agree on this summer is that it is hot. With the strongest La Niña in over 70 years, and far less cooling rains, Texans should prepare for record-breaking triple digit heat waves much like we experienced in 2011.

Increasing Temperatures = Increasing Consumption
Of course, with these record breaking temperatures comes energy and grid instability as Texans try to keep their homes and businesses cool. Additionally, the massive influx of folks moving to Texas is also causing energy demand concerns.

Just last Monday, June 20th, demand reached 76,600 MW. Then, on Thursday, June 23rd, that record was broken as demand rose to 76,708 MW. While ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) officials stated earlier this year that Texas has about a 22% excess generating capacity to help meet demands, this calculation did not take into account the record high temperatures that the state has already experienced this summer.

Solar as a Solution
The Texas grid is no stranger to shortages to meet demand, moreover, the hottest days of summer have yet to come. One way to ensure that your home or business has backup power, regardless of ERCOT’s reliability, is by adding battery storage to your solar system. With a solar+battery system in place, you can take advantage of the Texas sunshine and use it to keep your home cool.

Save the Planet, Save your Wallet
In addition to ensuring that you will be able to stay cool this summer, solar is a clean energy source that can also save you money on your electricity bill. With inflation causing prices to rise, seeing a bill decrease in price rather than up is certainly a welcome change. Furthermore, some households may qualify for the Federal Solar Tax Credit which allows those eligible to claim 26% of the total cost of the solar system installation on their federal taxes.

Enjoy the Summer Sunshine
Rather than dreading all of the hot, sunny days that are predicted this summer, embrace the sunshine’s ability to help you save money and power your home with solar panels. If batteries are also installed, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home will stay powered regardless of whether or not ERCOT can keep the Texas grid stable and reliable this summer.

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