A Closer Look at NATiVE Solar’s Recent Rave Reviews

Are you considering going solar in Texas to make your home or business more sustainable and energy secure? Look no further than NATiVE Solar, where our recent 5-star reviews speak volumes about our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Let’s delve into each detailed testimonial of the past four months, all of which highlight our expertise in creating unique solar power systems tailored to each homeowner’s or business’s individual needs.

Kendra Avery: Overcoming Challenges with Unconventional Homes

Kendra Avery’s Review:
“Wow… I never thought installing Solar Panels in my complicated roof and renovated house would be easy. Due to the total renovation of my house 12 years ago, I had wires going all over the place and I had no clue how they all hooked up. I realized it would be a challenge, but the people at Native Solar really tried to work with me and my unconventional home and very difficult life circumstances. In all Native Solar’s efforts I have to acknowledge 3 people who went above and beyond in helping me with all my issues: Chris Skaugen and Rae Ann Hargrave and the most amazing electrician and trouble shooter ever – Kresten. Not only do these individuals deserve a 5 Star Rating. Their Stars SPARKLE ✨✨✨✨✨”

In Kendra’s unique situation, our team, represented by Chris, Rae Ann, and electrician Kresten, demonstrated exceptional dedication. Despite the complexities of a renovated house with wires going everywhere, our experts went above and beyond, earning sparkling 5-star ratings.

Nancy McLaughlin: Precision in Panel Replacement

Nancy McLaughlin’s Review:
“Taking down and then replacing 78 solar panels after having my roof replaced is not an easy task and it cannot be rushed. Native did a wonderful job as they carefully detached each panel, stored them on the property and then returned to install. All while making sure each panel is reconnected and working properly. The team was polite and professional. Thank you Native.”

For Nancy, faced with the task of replacing 78 solar panels after a roof replacement, our team showcased precision and professionalism. Carefully detaching, storing, and reinstalling each panel with attention to detail, our team ensured a smooth process and earned Nancy’s gratitude.

Erwin Cuellar: Trusted for Commercial Installations

Erwin Cuellar’s Review:
“Native helped us with a commercial installation at our warehouse in 2018 and has maintained it ever since. Great service and experience.”

Erwin’s experience with NATiVE Solar extends to the commercial sector, where our team provided assistance with a warehouse installation in 2018. The ongoing maintenance and great service affirm the trustworthiness of NATiVE Solar in commercial projects.

Kerry Jensen: Professionalism from Start to Finish

Kerry Jensen’s Review:
“I met Amber and the team at Native Solar when they came to the Helena, MT area. They are professional, thorough and very knowledgeable about the solar energy process. They handled everything seamlessly and kept me informed of the process throughout the project. I was even able to schedule the installation while I was out of the country because they took care of everything. I’m very happy with the team and am glad I switched to solar energy!”

Kerry’s positive encounter with NATiVE Solar spans geographic locations, emphasizing the professionalism, thoroughness, and knowledge exhibited by our team. The seamless handling of the solar energy process allowed for a hassle-free installation, even while Kerry was abroad.

Daniel Costa: A Worthy Investment

Daniel Costa’s Review:
“This team is fantastic, will provide timely education years after your system is purchased. I have a 7-year-old system that has never caused us any headache, worthy investment and reputable company with great people like Derek.”

Daniel Costa attests to the long-term reliability of NATiVE Solar’s systems, praising the team for providing education even years after the purchase. With a 7-year-old system causing no problems, Daniel highlights the investment’s worthiness and commends our reputable company and its dedicated team members like Derek.

These recent reviews, all boasting 5 stars, showcase how NATiVE Solar excels in helping homeowners and businesses achieve their clean energy goals seamlessly while ensuring substantial savings.

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