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Cultivating Local Leaders

As NATiVE Texans, we are passionate about cultivating local leaders and having a well-trained workforce built from within the communities they serve. With deep roots in Austin, TX, NATiVE was an early adopter of a community movement towards net-zero designs, sustainable construction, and solar PV systems.

Over 15 years of experience in the industry has given NATiVE the opportunity to share valuable insights that help bring transparency to consumers. Industry trade associations, environmental advocacy groups, and local non-profits all provide a forum for energy transition career opportunities, solar training curriculum, and information exchange.

Texans take pride in their state, have a heart for natural resources and wildlife preservation, and provide a hub for digital disruptors in our current energy transition. NATiVE was founded on the notion that local communities with a worthy cause can make global impacts.

With this in mind, NATiVE Solar volunteers resources, equipment, and subject matter expertise to develop alternative energy and power generation training materials. Together, community leaders bring positive impact and measurable change through the following initiatives.

community involvement
community engagement
community engagement

Industry Education

Both Residential and Commercial customers have the ability to become prosumers. What is a prosumer? A prosumer is a customer who embraces the monetization of power generation and leverages energy efficiency programs available to them. At NATiVE, our goal is for all of our customers to be prosumers, which is why we focus on educating the public about the solar industry at events, as well as through our blogs, interviews, and social media.

KXAN News Go Green Public Service Announcement

  • Being a part of KXAN’s Go Green ( initiative allows NATiVE to bring solar knowledge to our local community in Austin, TX

Community Engagement

Regional nonprofit organizations, community advocacy, and environmental groups all serve as a hub to help build regional centers for community engagement. NATiVE works with all the following organizations to catalyze positive change in our local communities, with long-term aspirations of seeing Texas serve as a template for national and global impact through energy education.

NATiVE is continually giving back by contributing to community and charitable organizations.

  • Children’s Haven Community Solar Installation
      • NATiVE donated time and equipment to The Children’s Haven Association and assisted other local contributors in installing a new solar system for the non-profit organization. In addition, NATiVE helped launch the first of a series of solar camps at the site to educate, train, and share exciting career pathways in the solar industry with community members and students.

    • The Woodlands GREEN
      • NATiVE joined The Woodlands GrassRoots Environmental Education Network in 2021 as a business member assisting in their vision of promoting responsible environmental actions. As the only solar business member, NATiVE has educated members on solar solutions, prioritized solar projects benefiting the community, and advanced solar education in schools.
    • Del Valle Opportunity Center
      • In 2021, NATiVE and other partners launched an innovative solar installation apprenticeship program at the Del Valle Opportunity Center (DVOC). Along with time spent creating the curriculum and organizing volunteers, NATiVE donated supplies and personal teaching time to DVOC and its students. Participation in this program ensures that students coming from a historically underrepresented community have access to a variety of opportunities in one of the fastest growing industries after their high school graduation.

community engagement
community engagement
community engagement
community engagement
community engagement
community engagement
community engagement

Community Initiatives


Town Halls

HOA Town Hall

Solar Training Program


Workforce Development

NATiVE Solar is advancing workforce development in the renewable energy sector.


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