JP Morgan Chase Solar Grant Program

We have been chosen by Capital Good Fund to assist 50 families in transitioning to renewable solar energy. Capital Good Fund is a CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution) – nonprofit organization that helps low to moderate income households improve their financial future. Capital Good Fund has strategically partnered with JP Morgan Chase and NATiVE Solar to make the JP Morgan Chase Solar Grant Program easily accessible to the Houston Complete Communities.

In an age where the price of energy to power homes is continuously rising, we are honored to have been selected by Capital Good Fund to join in an effort to help these households take back their power!

The 50 households that enroll in this program will receive a non – FICO based, $0 down, low interest loan for a premium solar solution. In addition, NATiVE Solar has included a family and friends discount. The JP Morgan Solar Grant will be 10% of the total solution cost up to $3,000.

  • All Credit Scores Welcome to Apply!
  • $0 Down – Low Interest
  • Inclusive, Non-Profit Lender
  • Houston LMI Community Access Program
  • Grant Funded by JP Morgan Chase

We have been sharing this information with the communities and have asked the leaders to seek out those that are interested in enrolling to help them begin the process.

Any Houston Complete Communities homeowners who are ready to take their power back while increasing their monthly cash in hand should apply NOW!

JP Morgan Chase Solar Grant Program