While installing a solar PV system in a neighborhood in Buda, Texas, a member of the small subdivision approached one of our solar professionals with a flyer about a local benefit to raise money to help a neighborhood family in need. It was a heart-wrenching story of a child diagnosed with an aggressive, inoperable, brain tumor called DIPG. When the flyer (below) reached our team, we decided to take action and become a sponsor for the event.

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On June 21, 2018 precious Roxli Doss was diagnosed with an aggressive, inoperable, brain tumor called DIPG. We have had the blessing of watching Roxli grow from the time she was in her momma’s belly. Rox is a child so full of joy and with a heart the size of TX. She loves her family fiercely, horses & Jesus to her core. To know her is to absolutely adore her. Roxli has always captivated hearts because her joy is contagious!

Because of this, her diagnosis has broken the hearts of our entire community. We have been taken to our knees and called to battle by storming the gates of heaven with our faith filled prayers. We know the one thing the doctors didn’t factor in was our God, and He is in the business of miracles!
To help Roxli and the Doss family with the catastrophic expenses that befall in these circumstances, we are organizing a Texas-sized benefit that will be held on Sunday, August 12th @ Buck’s Backyard. The Doss’ need to feel the love so we are are inviting you to become part of this effort to help support them in their battle.

This Texas-sized, family friendly event will be complete with live TX music, kids’ activities, live & silent auction, washer tournament & the great Salt Lick BBQ will be coming out to serve some of the best BBQ in Texas!
We hope you will bring your whole family to show the Doss’ your love, have some fun and to give generously to a more than worthy cause. Can’t wait to see you there!

All our love,
Britany, Brandee & Stephanie

Roxli’s Rox Star Benefit