NATiVE Solar has been delivering solar solutions
to our fellow Texas home & business owners since 2007.

Y’all are our neighbors, and we sincerely hope in these troubling times that you and your families remain safe and healthy. This too shall pass, and when it does, it is our belief that we will be stronger from it.

In challenging times like this, what receives the majority of headlines are examples of folks doing what they believe is best for their own families which can come across as selfish, and result in a chain reaction of others following suit. However, what we see in our communities across Texas are examples of neighbors helping each other, offering assistance for those in need, and treating each other like we’re in this together. Because like it or not, we are in this together.

Our infrastructure was designed to operate as a system with contributions from many. Much like sports teams that win championships when working together as a team, our socioeconomic system thrives when we’re working together and not in opposition with one another. This system has been delivered a huge blow which has disrupted its ability to function.

Grid Reliability and New Load Demands

Strength in numbersAmong many of the challenges we’re currently facing, the large number of people working from home is beginning to cause grid reliability issues. Some areas are beginning to experience scheduled brownouts. These are planned brief outages required to maintain the integrity of the grid and as outdoor temperatures increase, they will become more prevalent. They are done in order to protect places like hospitals and retirement communities from losing power and putting lives at risk.

We are in this together.

Strength in numbers

Investing in reliable (solar) electricity
supports our grid

Our 2,000+ homeowner and business customers are not only reaping the financial benefits of solar, they are helping to reduce the burden on the grid by producing power on their roofs. Your neighbor’s solar is helping to keep your lights on. Much like our decisions in the grocery store, our decisions on how we consume and receive our power impacts others.

We are in this together.

Strength in numbersA critical infrastructure workforce,
remote design and installation at a distance

The NATiVE Solar team is proud to be included in the “critical infrastructure” workforce. We are continuing to help people go solar and service existing systems that reduce the burden on the grid. Most of our work takes place on rooftops and the rest is outside near electric meters. We are avoiding face to face contact with our customers for obvious reasons. Our sales and design processes are done remotely to avoid personal contact and allow for quicker decisions. We can accurately quote systems and meet via phone/screen share to review the benefits and explain the process without ever entering the home.

Go Solar NOWThe time is now!

During these uncertain economic times, an investment in solar may not be at the forefront of one’s mind. Consider two points related to this: 1) a cash investment in solar provides a very secure minimum of 7% return on cash investment or 2) a solar loan allows you to pay equal or less than you’re currently paying for energy on a monthly basis. Invest in something as secure as the sun rising every day or immediately reduce your monthly energy expense – your choice.

solar installation companyCreating resilience, and a sustainable workforce

Our ability to continue operating during these challenging times helps our customers save money and assist with grid reliability while creating needed jobs and lessening the impact on increasingly overwhelmed federal and state assistance programs. On the subject of employment, it is completely understandable for those who are currently unable to work to not consider an investment in solar while they’re struggling to put food on the table. We want to help those folks too.
We are in this together.

H-E-BNATiVE – A trusted, local solar installation, operations and maintenance provider

As one of the oldest solar companies in Texas, the large majority of our business comes from referrals. We are modifying our referral program to help those in need. For anyone who is currently unable to work that sends a solar customer our way, we will provide a $500 H-E-B gift certificate to help cover the grocery bill. If you are fortunate enough to be able to continue work and know someone who is not, we will do the same on your behalf. We chose H-E-B because they are also a local, Texas company that consistently supports their communities.

Strength in Numbers

We will get through this together and sunny skies will prevail.

Strength in Numbers Strength in Numbers Strength in Numbers