NATiVE Solar Community Outreach in DFW and North Texas

NATiVE Solar’s Dallas Fort-Worth (DFW) and North Texas Teams (Team Quantum) have launched a series of events to highlight the specific considerations and benefits of going solar in Greater DFW! Through a series of partnerships, NATiVE Solar hosts local educational forums at venues ranging from HOA meetings, farmer’s markets, Town Halls, and local events. The mission is to share knowledge to demystify solar for communities. During these events, NATiVE Solar’s team will share more about solar energy and battery backup, as well as help consumers maneuver through key considerations and discuss available services.

To date, the DFW team has held sessions at the Azle, Texas Gun Show and the 12th Annual Collin County Home and Garden Show. They helped community members understand the solutions solar presents, such as sustained power when the grid is down and fixed rates for the customer.

We are excited to see Team Quantum grow and engage with the community. Our primary goal is to connect with our customers and become an educational resource. One primary objective is to defuse the misinformation being spread and explain the realities of solar, storage, and home energy as we explore your practical options. NATiVE Solar has built a reputation in Texas for over 14 years and realizes quality service is a life-long commitment.

We are ready to walk with you through the process of going Solar. We are ready to discuss how solar works with your specific utility company.

Greater Dallas

We commit to taking the time to truly listen and understand what our customers’ specific needs, desires, and goals are in going solar, whether you are grid-tied or going totally off-grid!

North Texas
“Each utility is unique in its connection to solar and how your energy production will be handled!!!
This is SO important!”
Fort Worth

Upcoming Sessions and Events:

We invite you to get energized with the team and learn more about renewable and home energy at our 2021 events! NATiVE Solar teams will be available to discuss costs, benefits, and next steps, as well as answer questions throughout the summer.

Catch our teams at:

You can also simply speak directly with a NATiVE Solar representative by contacting us at 855-253-6284 or emailing If you would like us to attend your community event or HOA meeting, please reach out!