Demystifying DFW Solar Benefits

DFW – Solar is everywhere, and as with any growing industry, so are the ads. It is hard as a homeowner to tell if companies or “click bait” are misleading you. Many ads promote incentives that are almost too good to be true. Guess what? Most are not true and result in getting spammed with email or robocallers.

For a new market, with limited reliable information, this cultivates a lack of trust towards “real” solar incentives or programs. NATiVE Solar recognizes that an essential part of providing quality service and keeping the integrity of the solar industry is being a trusted resource. If you find yourself being misinformed by false promotions or highly skeptical of solar’s benefits, keep reading. This blog will help clear up a few misconceptions surrounding solar benefits in the DFW area.

Identifying False Advertising
The main goal of these misleading ads is to draw your attention with amazing programs and then use your information to sell. Often, promotions like no cost solar programs, no interest rates, or getting paid to install solar are used. The ad will end with asking you to input your information

DFW Solar Benefits

Do not get discouraged by these misrepresentations!
There are plenty of accurate incentives to go solar!

Current Benefits – the “Real Deal”

Here are a few programs and incentives to keep in mind when making the choice to go solar.

Look to spend about $2,700-3,800 per kW in the DFW area before rebates are applied on a basic system. Below is a snapshot of potential rebates and incentives in your area.


  • Up to $8,500 for systems 10kW-AC and less
  • Low interest and zero interest options
  • These rebates are first come, first serve, so start early in 2021 to lock in your savings!


  • Various rebate rates up to $3,100
  • $400: up to 4 kW DC
  • $300: 4-7kW DC
  • $200: 7-10 kW DC

Looking for more details on how to see if solar can help you save on your electricity, contact us now for your specific benefits and considerations based on your current utility.

Here are a few more factors to consider. First, solar is the most affordable it has ever been and has reached grid parity. This means it is the same cost or cheaper than the current electricity you get from your local grid. Second, solar is a cleaner form of energy. So, while making a positive investment for your home and enjoying your new energy bill, you can also be contributing to a better environment.

The last thing you should know is that Texas laws have made it increasingly easy to switch to solar. By law, your homeowners association cannot block you from installing solar panels, and it will not cause your property taxes to go up. This year the solar investment tax credit (ITC) was at 26%. This credit will be received upon successful installation of your solar unit, so it is too late to receive the 2020 tax rebate. However, 2021 the rebate is still significant at 22%, but in 2022, it’s scheduled to drop to 10%, and end by 2023. Solar has come a long way. It is unfortunate that some companies seek to misinform the public about solar benefits, but these incentives are proof enough that solar is truly a good investment.
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