Solar as a Fixed Rate Plan

+ Blackout Backup

Why would I pay so much for a solar system?
We are asked this question a lot. The quick answer is:
multiply your annual electricity bill by 20 or even 25 and compare that to the price of a solar system.
Take into account that this would pretend your utility rate never increases, ever (we all know it does and will continue to do so).
Simply put, solar can lock in your rate, and NATiVE Solar could also build a system that generates electricity when the grid fails.

In February ERCOT over-billed customers approximately $16 billion during the winter storm, according to experts. This week, Greater DFW lost electricity again in Oncor’s service area due to a storm. Although the most recent power outages were less severe when compared to the winter storm, 60,000 people lost power in North Texas on Wednesday, March 17. In short, grid instability and rising rates are something to expect in Texas.

How can I lock in my electric rate?
Solar Energy solutions allow homeowners to become their own power plants thereby locking in their future electricity rates today, with a 25 year warranty on the solar panels. Whether you purchase with cash or finance your solar equipment and installation, the cost for your future electricity consumption will remain at a fixed rate. Some leasing companies will also add escalators, so be cautious of third party ownership models and learn how you can turn your roof or land into a power plant for your family, and soon, your community.


Case Study: Enphase Illustration of a Complete Home Energy System

Enphase Energy’s Ensemble technology allows for solar panels to continue producing electricity even when the grid is down. Other technologies cannot produce energy when the grid is down, and hybrid or off-grid solar systems are more expensive with unique limitations. Ensemble presents a reliable and affordable solution, that allows the benefits of personal renewable energy production and fixed rates, with an added reliability. This system provides a simple illustration of how solar is combined with storage systems to ensure continuous energy availability. This is one of many options available and can be explained over a phone or video consultation in less than 15mins. Add a few more details, and NATiVE can provide a custom solution based on your specific needs, concerns and highlight the benefits.

A Simple Solution: GO NATiVE

Solar as a Fixed Rate Plan

Are you looking to lock in your rate?
Are you looking to be energy independent?
Are you concerned about having “reliable” power from the electric grid?

The solution is pretty straightforward. It’s not a matter of “if” anymore. It’s a matter of when you want to lock in your rate.
NATiVE also offers a “cash-back” guarantee to ensure your system meets your expectations.

Every homeowner has the ability to prevent the outcomes described above by making one simple choice: To take your power back, and lock in your fixed rate plan.