Dealing with the Summer Heat and Finding Cool Savings

Although many Texans have been following ERCOT guidelines and reducing their energy consumption, most are still seeing higher bills. The United States energy system has seen a continuous increase in energy prices since 2019 and is projected to see a 1.3% increase from 2021-2022. While Texans saw a jump in electricity prices in February due to the winter storm, when looking across the span of a decade, electricity rates are expected to increase across Texas utilities.

High Demand for Energy
Winter storm Uri has largely scarred Texans, causing many to pay closer attention to their electric bills and their energy consumption. In our previous article, The Rising Cost of Energy we talked about the reasons behind the spike in electricity prices during the storm, however, as we go deeper in the summer months Texans are still seeing high energy prices.

The rising cost of electricity during the summer can largely be attributed to the rise in demand for energy. Texans are facing excruciating temperatures and consequently are turning down the temperatures in their homes. This demand for energy causes stress on the grid and makes it harder for electric utility companies to meet the needs of every home.

Increase Thermostat, Decrease Bills
Another way that Texans can bring down their electricity bill is by raising their thermostat temperatures. And we know, trust me… we know that it is already too hot outside. All throughout this past week temperatures around Texas have been near 100 degrees and have become unbearable for Texas residents. According to the Department of Energy, increasing your thermostat from 70 to 77 can deduct about 10% from your electricity bill. This same notion applies all throughout the year, the closer your thermostat temperature is to the outdoor temperature, the more money you will save on your electricity bill.

Solar is the Solution
An alternative to cranking up your thermostat to uncomfortable temperatures is switching to solar! When you utilize solar energy to power your home, you’re able to offset your electricity usage so that keeping your home at 72 won’t cost you a pretty penny.

The Texas heat will only get worse over time, which means that staying on the grid will only become more expensive for Texans. In addition to financial benefits, solar energy also offers a massive environmental benefit as well. This past June, America saw its hottest June in our 127-year record and Texans definitely noticed. Going solar will lead to a decrease in the amount of CO₂ being produced to meet Texan’s energy demands. Switching to solar allows you to reduce the amount of CO₂ we put into the atmosphere and mitigate our climate crisis.

Solar Energy is Hot in Texas — what to know before you buy

Solar energy is the fastest-growing, cheapest alternative energy source and can deliver instant savings. With this demand and need, KXAN and Austin Energy offer some useful tips for homeowners to qualify their energy solutions provider, before they buy. Prosumers should always beware of “free solar” claims and solar organizations that claim to provide solar at unbelievably low prices.

It’s time to rethink your energy and take your power back with a solar team that values you. Make the switch to solar and be part of a more sustainable and clean future!

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