SOLARPHOBIA: The Fear of Free Electricity

By: Ben Rodriguez | NATiVE Solar Rep.

As we near November, it is difficult not to recognize the significance the outcome of this year’s election will play on the renewable energy industry. While not the primary focus of this particular article, it is fair to say that the division embodying our citizenship serves as evidence of all society’s continued need for innovative, responsible, loyal, forward thinking leadership.

Society thirsts for this leadership at all times, in all forms, and for all matters. Despite the level which you believe politics should play in our everyday life, most people will tell you that those who we revere, are often those we also look to for guidance. When it comes to energy however our society seems to be stuck in a mud of uncertainty.

More than climate change
Even though climate change is now largely recognized by the majority of Americans, it is somewhat astonishing that our elected leadership seem to want to halt progress on this issue, ignoring the financial and environmental benefits which accompany participation. Thus, our society seems to be consumed by a fear of free electricity. The interesting thing about this predicament is that although we as Americans consider ourselves leaders of the free world, we actually lag well behind other countries that have fully embraced the renewable energy initiative. It is truly unfortunate that we possess the resources, but not the leadership to seize the top spot on the international energy podium. This needs to change.

Harness the sun, and get a tax credit!
Whether you believe in the need for renewable energy or not, it is hard to deny the financial benefits to be gained; particularly through solar. Residents’ and businesses’ of The United States are blessed to live in a country where today, incentivizes solar energy to a degree not seen in many parts of the world. Local rebates, the Federal Government’s ITC tax credit, and The Internal Revenue Services’ Asset Depreciation Incentive, make solar energy participation a lucrative investment. With a high-degree of confidence I can say that I am unaware of any other prudent business venture which estimates zero risk, high returns, and is 100% guaranteed. This is because the foundation of solar energy is exactly that – the Sun. It will never have to be bailed out, it will never be victimized by sporadic dips in the stock market, and it produces something that we have used, currently use, and will continue to use for the entirety of our lives. Death, taxes, electricity, and The Alabama Crimson Tide.

To elected officials, chamber leaders, and grass roots community organizers, we look to you to set this initiative as a priority. We look to you for guidance and for “your leadership”. The United States is currently trailing many countries with much less access to the opportunities we have yet to capitalize on. Countries like Iceland, Norway, Kenya, Urguay, Sweden, Germany, China, and the UK; all with more renewable energy capacity per capita than The U.S.. The question is; will we continue to advance on the groundwork set by names like Kennedy, Obama, and Sanders? Or will those who we look to for leadership, fall victim to non-action and keep us in the grasps of “solarphobia”?

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