Powering Your Home With Solar + Storage Solutions

Powering Your Home With Solar + Storage Solutions

The steady growth of residential solar power in the US shows that consumer interest in energy independence and living greener is becoming more and more prevalent. In the past decade alone, solar has grown an average of 33% each year, mainly due to rapidly decreasing costs and an increased demand for clean energy.

Demand for solar systems paired with energy storage has recently gained traction as well, and its expected growth is predicted to be significant. By 2025, over 29% of all new behind-the-meter solar systems will be paired with storage, compared to under 11% in 2021. Consumers are more willing to consider including batteries with their solar PV systems for a variety of reasons including grid constraints, public safety power shut-offs, and natural disasters.

The Texas Freeze

Last month, Central Texas experienced its own natural disaster. An extreme freeze paired with wet conditions caused a record amount of ice accumulation on tree branches and power lines, which toppled over from the sheer weight of so much ice. Fallen branches and damaged power lines created thousands of localized power outages, some of which weren’t repaired for over a week.

Over 400,000 utility customers lost power at some point during the week, and in places where the most complex outages occurred, residents were without electricity for over ten days.

The inconvenient and at times painful effects of this natural disaster were felt by many.

Fear of prolonged winter outages like this one and Winter Storm Uri in 2021 becoming an annual occurrence is prompting a growing number of Texans to consider the benefits that solar and battery solutions offer. Maintaining electricity for such a prolonged time during an outage is only possible with a solar and battery backup system installed, and the growing demand coupled with advances in technology are making the switch easier than ever.

Exciting new solar technologiesEvolving Technology
The advancements in battery technology that we see today are making it possible for homeowners to not only power critical loads with their solar and battery system, but non-critical ones as well. Non-critical loads are those that are not entirely essential, but do make living more comfortable, such as air conditioning, major appliances, and EV chargers. Traditionally, users had to choose between powering critical and non-critical loads, but today’s batteries can store enough electricity to power an entire house, without homeowners having to compromise.

The best part is that with product advancements and the generous government incentives currently available, powering an entire home doesn’t have to be any more expensive than only powering critical loads. Fast configuration and flexible features bolster the benefits of on-demand power, storm protection, lower utility bills, and full-home energy management with minimal maintenance and intelligent integration. Installers are embracing these new all-in-one systems because of their flexibility, intelligence, and minimal crew required to install, set up and support the products.

Assuming that whole-home energy management systems cost more than only partial-load systems is understandable, but innovative and advanced technology makes these residential storage systems efficient and easy to install. That, along with the income tax credits of up to 30% under the new Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) makes investing in battery technology more accessible than ever. Slim, stackable battery modules maximize storage capacity, and less complex wiring along with lighter modules have made installation and configuration faster and easier. The flexibility to power partial or full-home backup appeals to homeowners because they can maximize efficiency at their discretion and validate their investment.

NATiVE is Brand Agnostic
At NATiVE we take pride in being brand agnostic. This means that we can install any battery system on a home, regardless of what brand it is. Being brand agnostic gives our customers more options to choose from, and helps us find the best option to fit any customer’s individual needs. We have over 15 years of experience serving Texas residents and helping our customers create the best solar solutions for their homes. If you’re considering going solar, keep in mind that a battery backup may be a good option, especially if you’re nervous about outages or your area doesn’t have a decent net metering policy. If you already have solar, consider the benefits you can reap from installing a battery system that maximizes your solar energy usage. NATiVE is here to help, so reach out to us with any questions and to schedule your consultation.

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