John Lewis

Director of Sales

Recently, Texas homeowners have been under attack by the relentless campaigns from solar companies, overtaking inboxes, voicemails and computer ad space. The amount of misinformation is overwhelming, with solar companies promising ‘free’ solar systems, preposterous returns for the energy that is sent to the utility and some companies going so far as promising monthly profits for going solar.

In addition, there are so many fly-by-night companies that have flooded into the market. It seems almost impossible to determine who is reputable enough to earn your business with the promise that they will still be in business after your system is installed. All of that is before Texans begin to consider servicing and maintenance for their systems, and wondering what will happen if the solar system does not produce the amount of energy that a sales rep has promised them. In short, there are a lot of boxes to check before a homeowner can get some piece of mind about installing solar on their most valued asset: their home.

NATiVE Solar is excited to introduce the newest member of our team, John Lewis. John has been brought on as the Director of Sales AND will be building and managing NATiVE Solar’s residential sales teams throughout Texas.

John has been involved in the solar industry since 2013. In that time, he has gained 7 years of experience in commercial and industrial solar and a year in residential solar. He has dealt with a wide range of the industry including sales, acquisitions, PPA agreements, operations, compliance reporting and more. With all of this experience, John maintains that the answers to success remain simple, they begin with really showing up.

John received his education from Dallas’ St. Mark’s School of Texas and he attended the University of Texas at Austin. By spreading the knowledge and benefits of solar, John’s mission to change the world continues. He has played music for over a decade, and now enjoys playing on the stage of his living room for his wife and kids. Welcome to the team!

John’s goal is to educate and consult with homeowners, so they understand all aspects of installing solar on their homes.

John Lewis
I know I am fortunate to be a part of the team at NATiVE Solar, because I am with a company that has been around for over 13 years. We aren’t going anywhere. And that is what I hope to convey to our customers and the communities we serve. NATiVE Solar is highly respected by those customers and in those communities, and the proof of that is shown in the amount of referrals they receive. At NATiVE Solar, we will be rolling out programs to give the highest production guarantees in the industry, including a maintenance plan that provides 100% coverage and customized quarterly reports with complete monitoring breakdowns.
John Lewis, Director of Sales, NATiVE Solar

With NATiVE Solar, Texans can go solar with confidence.

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