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Author | People Biz Managing Director, Founder, & Business Coach
Alicia Marie is a recognized national leader in the field of coaching and training. For nearly two decades, she has coached managers, leaders, and professionals on how to build lives and businesses truly worth having. Learn more about Alicia Marie here:

We had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Alicia Marie about her experience of going solar in Pflugerville with NATiVE Solar. She decided to look into solar after an inspiring trip to Italy where she witnessed firsthand her friend’s sustainable lifestyle. Alicia was referred to NATiVE Solar by a friend, made an inquiry, and the seamless process of living a more green lifestyle began. The financial benefits of going solar in Pflugerville was just icing on the cake.

Watch the video below to hear her experience with NATiVE Solar, and life with a solar-powered home in Pflugerville, Texas.

Going Solar in Pflugerville


  • 28 Mission Solar 305W Solar Modules

  • 1 Solar Edge SE6H Inverter

  • 28 Solar Edge P320 Power Optimizers

  • IronRidge Mounting Hardware

Going Solar in PflugervilleGoing Solar in Pflugerville

Going Solar in Pflugerville