Community Impact: Regional Action Plan

NATiVE Solar is leading a Regional Action Plan to accelerate solar adoption for underserved communities with a focus on equitable distribution models. There is a noticeable gap in access to solar among this demographic, and this plan is meant to address that. Noticeable factors preventing engagement with solar energy include perceptions around cost and the traditional set-up of solar. This program also seeks to expand knowledge about the rising number of solar jobs. These jobs intersect with a variety of fields including sales, marketing, technical installation, community outreach, and engineering.

This community impact program will spearhead engagement between NATiVE Solar, community leaders, and community members. It has the ability to expand energy savings, reduce environmental impact, and provide job opportunities to new communities. In order to accomplish this, NATiVE Solar is partnering with leaders of various counties, districts, and cities across Texas to expand the reach of this program. We encourage everyone to look out for webinars and regional launches in order to stay involved and get informed!

This part of the program will look to expand knowledge of how lower income homeowners can access solar and how communities can access solar together. Community solar projects have the potential to bring solar to multi-family units and community buildings in order to serve multiple people from one set of panels, while reducing upfront cost. Homeowners can look into drawing power from multi-use solar panels as well. NATiVE Solar’s Action plan will work to identify and implement community solar projects.

Additionally, NATiVE Solar seeks to inform homeowners of the various rebate programs, incentives, tax credits, and aid programs available to them to help finance solar. The upfront cost of solar installation can be a challenge as it requires out-of-pocket payment or obtaining a loan. However, there are emerging programs, like the Property Assessed Clean Energy Program, that work to expand access. Lastly, NATiVE Solar always works to address consumer misinformation. This program will teach people what to look for in their local solar bill. It will also work with each individual to make sure solar will be a positive investment. Solar energy has general benefits as it is now cheaper than fossil fuels. Lower utility bills, potential cash back, and cleaner energy are great reasons to look into investing in solar!

NATiVE Solar is already engaged in the Pathways to Clean Energy Careers job program with Solar Austin. This program works to expand diversity and inclusion in the solar industry. NATiVE Solar will be launching its own job programs in various communities to spread information about the rising number of solar jobs, how to access them, and how to make a smooth transition. These jobs represent the emerging significance of solar in the energy sector and job market.

Look out for our announcements of webinar events and new video uploads. Additionally, this program will be spread to various cities and congressional districts around Texas. It will function as an easily adaptable plan that any community can adopt. Look out for efforts heading to your community soon!