What are key considerations to go solar?

We are stepping into a new age. A world that is slowly trying to stop its use of nonrenewable energy sources that are polluting our air. The next big thing is renewable energy sources. It’s time for everyone to start thinking about where they fit into this dream. Lets first get into the key consideration that goes into solar…

Am I a good candidate for a solar system?As we see the effects of climate change and how detrimental it is, a lot of people are wanting to learn what they can do to go green. We all have the power, literally, to go solar and slow the use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Another important aspect that matters to us all is the money. Now you can pay for solar with either cash or credit. When you pay with cash you are paying a greater upfront cost but in the long run you will be saving money, which is known as a payback period.

When you pay with credit you have a no upfront cost because you have the capability to get loans from banks. It’s important to keep into consideration the cash flow that comes with getting loans you can either fall into a positive, neutral, or negative cash flow.

You want to be in either a positive or neutral flow so you aren’t losing money when investing into solar.

Then next there are a lot of cities that offer rebates and incentives for people to get solar that adds money in your pockets.

If any of these considerations peaked your interest in wanting to get solar let’s dive into what makes you a good candidate for getting it.

The 4 things that can make you a good candidate.

  1. The first is being the homeowner of the potential property you’re looking at putting solar on. If you are a renter and solar interests you, talk to your homeowner about the possibility.
  2. The second is having a decent credit score. A decent credit score for solar is between 680 to 700 ballpark.
  3. The third is followed closely with the second and that is getting loan approval. When you buy your solar panels with credit you have the ability to get approved for a loan that handles all of the upfront cost of solar.
  4. The fourth is living in a house where the roof isn’t completely shaded. Lucky for you if you don’t know how much sunlight your roof gets Native Solar has created a site to check that estimate.

Next you can do your research. Ask solar PV system owners about their systems. Look into the best solar panels (for example check out this nice article from our friends down under: Lightning Solar).

Solar and saving both money and our Earth is something everyone can have and reach. Let this article be the start of your journey and come join Native Solar’s Family.

Am I a good candidate for a solar system?

Am I a good candidate for a solar system? Am I a good candidate for a solar system?