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Why Choose NATiVE
If you’re considering going solar, by now you know that there are many solar providers out there to choose from, and deciding which one to trust can be overwhelming. Like any other significant investment you make in your lifetime, choosing who to work with is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. That’s why we want to tell you our story and what we offer, so that you can be confident in your decision to go solar with us.

Our Story
NATiVE’s story began in 2007 in the Texas Hill Country as a net zero home builder offering sustainable designs and construction of homes. At this time, the company operated under the name Hill Country EcoBuilders (HCEB) with a mission to build affordable zero-energy custom green homes complete with rainwater harvesting and solar power (some even with wind power). Building market leading, net-zero energy homes with renewable energy systems enabled HCEB to create Hill Country EcoPower in 2009, with the sole focus of advancing renewable energy systems in Central Texas.

Three years later, the two companies merged together under a new brand, NATiVE. Since then, NATIVE has leveraged its diversity as a custom home builder and solar installer to grow into a leading solar installer in the state of Texas. With offices in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas, NATiVE has established a state-wide presence designing and installing solar PV systems for both home and business owners.

The solar side of the company continued to grow, taking on members from other solar companies, until in 2018 it was once again rebranded to become NATiVE Solar. The current solar team has the combined experience and execution history of over 1,000 solar projects totaling over 60 MW of capacity in Texas and across a dozen other states.

Unrivaled skills, knowledge, and experience are applied to every NATiVE Solar system, meeting the solar energy needs of any and all Texans. The majority of our projects emerge thanks to referrals from happy customers or even from other solar companies that deem a particular project too complex or difficult. It’s therefore due to our many satisfied customers that we continue to bring solar and the savings it provides to new customers across Texas.

What We Offer

native solar story
native solar story
native solar story
residential solar

NATiVE Solar offers simple and affordable home solar panel installations that enable our customers to stop renting their energy from a utility company and instead take charge of their own energy production. With help from our experts, beginning with an initial consultation and site assessment to evaluating unique financing options, investing in energy ownership can be immediately cash positive! We are committed to providing the best customer experience and advancing sustainability by utilizing best in class technology, optimized financing, customized design, and sophisticated and trustworthy operations, maintenance and monitoring.

commercial solar

NATiVE Solar also delivers profitable and intelligent solar solutions to commercial and industrial markets. We bring the many benefits of solar energy to business and property owners generating dependable, on-site electricity as well as very favorable economic results. Adding solar panels to your commercial space provides a rapid payback, strong internal rates of return, a predictable cash flow stream, and outstanding long-term investment returns. In addition to dramatic reductions in your company’s ongoing electricity costs, in many cases, a commercial solar project can generate incremental revenue, effectively creating a new profit center.

home batteries

In addition, NATiVE provides battery storage solutions that can be grid-tied or off-grid storage systems, and do our part to help you understand your unique needs and determine the right battery for these specific needs. For instance, the battery system you choose will differ depending on if you’re looking for a back-up system that provides power in times of outages, or if you are looking for an off-grid source of energy. In addition, for all our equipment including panels, batteries, inverters, etc, NATiVE can offer you whichever brand works best for your needs because we operate in a brand agnostic way. This means we are not tied to a specific brand and can offer you a wide range of options depending on your budget and desires.

service and maintenance

Service & Maintenance
Lastly, NATiVE can service your equipment if there’s ever a problem, even if it was installed by another company. While solar doesn’t normally require regular maintenance, sometimes there could be equipment failure or other instances that require service work to be done. NATiVE Solar provides one of the best workmanship warranties in the business and only installs equipment with the best manufacturer warranties in the industry. If your solar equipment is in need of repair, fill out our service form here.

Go Solar With Us
At NATiVE, our slogan is “Take Your Power Back” for a reason. Solar offers customers a chance to achieve energy independence, create off-grid alternatives, and have a fixed cost power solution. Regardless of the state of the Texas grid, the sun always rises, so why not use it to power your home with clean, renewable energy at no extra cost?

As we all know, Texans take pride in their freedom. We’re here to offer you freedom from an aged electric grid and deliver you energy security. Get your complimentary quote or schedule your first consultation with us. #TakeYourPowerBack and #GoSolar with NATiVE Solar!

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