$500M of buying power and more!

In 2011, a group of solar installers representing territories from across the United States came together and launched a revolutionary plan to better serve their customers. These companies decided it was time to form a national organization where independent solar installers could support each other by pooling their purchasing power as well as sharing best practices. This cooperative model allows NATiVE Solar, an average sized regional solar business, to negotiate equipment purchases as though it were a $500 Million company. Membership in Amicus Solar allows NATiVE Solar to achieve “scale” while still maintaining the speed and nimbleness, as well as the “family business feel” of a smaller, local company.

Today, we have 51 member-owners with office locations in 38 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada and we’re growing. Between all members, we have licenses to operate in all 50 states! The Cooperative is owned and democratically led by its member companies (like NATiVE Solar!). Amicus members are passing their enhanced purchasing power along to customers by offering best solar pricing on high-quality solar electric system installations. More info here: www.amicussolar.com

Why does NATiVE Solar’s membership in Amicus make a difference to our customers?

  • We purchase better equipment at lower prices, allowing us to provide better pricing to you without cutting any corners

  • Your system’s performance, quality and operational efficiency all improve based on Amicus members sharing best practices and technical knowledge

  • You have access to superior financing partners for residential and commercial loans

  • Amicus vets all suppliers, only choosing companies with good track records so we can assure you that the equipment you’re investing in is the best out there

  • It allows you to support local installers instead of national companies without sacrificing cost or quality

Dedicated to the mission of offsetting carbon emissions and giving customers agency over their energy production, Amicus members are mission driven, vision aligned businesses working to bring the solar revolution to energy consumers across the nation. We are proud to say 40% of Amicus members are B Corporations. Similar to Patagonia, one of the founders of the B-Corp movement, these Amicus members are a special kind of company, with a legal commitment to people, planet, profit that is verified by an outside audit. Amicus Solar Cooperative is a B Corp itself, having won the distinction of achieving top 10% of all certified B Corps in the Impact Governance category.

For average sized, local businesses like NATiVE Solar, who don’t have the big buying power of huge corporate companies (the Walmarts of the solar industry), having this strong value chain relationship is important. Amicus is interested in maintaining thriving local solar installation companies and creating a competitive advantage by buying pooling power. Amicus empowers solar entrepreneurs by giving them a venue to compete on the big stage. As a result, jobs and money stay in your neighborhood!

Here at NATiVE Solar we are invested in our community – it’s wellbeing and its future. You can find us at local Farmers Markets, at local community events, out volunteering, and supporting our local nonprofits and charities.

If you would like a competitive quote for your home, business, or non-profit from your local solar provider, please reach out to NATiVE Solar today for more information.