Best Time to Go Solar

The Best Time to Go Solar is … in the Winter?

When we think of solar energy, most of us imagine the warm, sunny days of summer, but would it surprise you to learn that the winter season is actually the best time of year for new solar panel installations?

The misconception that summer is the best time to install solar comes from the belief that because the sun shines hotter and brighter, the summer season will provide more efficiency, and thus lower the cost of electricity used. However, installing solar in the winter can save you more time and money than installing in the summer, for a variety of reasons.

More Availability
Demand for solar is typically much higher in the summer. In fact, it’s the most popular time of year for solar installations, meaning that it can also be the busiest in terms of scheduling consultations and installations. In the winter, fewer people are thinking about solar and the benefits it provides, so you’ll have more flexibility to get in touch with us and schedule your initial consultation. While NATiVE is always available year-round for scheduling, the winter time does usually provide more room to work around our customers’ busy schedules.

the best time to go solarFaster Installation
Since solar companies are more available in the winter months due to fewer requests for installations, as a customer, you likely won’t have to wait as long to get the process started. In the summer, you may find yourself at the bottom of a list of homeowners waiting for an installer or designer to come out to your residence, but during the slower, cooler months of winter, it’s more likely that our personnel can get in touch and get panels on your home sooner.

Beat the Heat—Have Solar Ready by Spring
Producing your own solar power, unfortunately, doesn’t happen overnight. Installations require government paperwork and permission from utility companies before your solar array can start producing electricity. From the moment you sign your solar agreement it takes on average 90 days for the installation to take place. The exact time varies depending on a variety of factors, including how the solar system is financed, your city’s permitting process, availability of specific materials, and other considerations. By signing your agreement in the winter, you’ll set yourself up to be fully installed and connected by spring, allowing you to take advantage of the longer days as they arrive.

As the Heat Turns Up, Watch Your Bills Go Down
When summer rolls around and temperatures in Texas increase, so do our electric bills. Air conditioning in Texas is a must, and the heat of summer forces us all to crank them up higher than our wallets might suggest. Being prepared by going solar earlier in the year helps cut down these costs because you can take advantage of your lower energy bills straight away. Don’t hesitate to blast your AC knowing you’re generating clean, sustainable energy while also saving money on your bills.

the best time to go solarGreater Efficiency in the Cold
There’s no denying that solar arrays produce more power in the summer months since they have more sun exposure due to longer periods of daylight. However, winter and spring months still produce plenty of energy, even on cloudy and overcast days. As the days get longer, you can take advantage of the increasing daylight hours and see more savings over time on your electric bills. In addition, solar panels actually work most efficiently in cool weather, with 77 degrees Fahrenheit being the most optimal temperature for solar energy conversion. This is because the panels achieve a greater difference in voltage compared to electrons in higher temperatures when electrons go from being at rest (in cold temperatures), to being activated by increasing sunlight.

Go Solar with NATiVE
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