Sub-Zero Commercial Solar Installation in Dallas, TX

At a time when sustainability, energy security, and cost efficiency are becoming increasingly vital, Sub-Zero, a leading America-based manufacturer of refrigeration, freezer, and wine storage products, has taken a significant step towards reducing their carbon footprint. By partnering with NATiVE, Sub-Zero was able to create an impactful solar installation at their Dallas showroom, embodying their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Sub-Zero’s Sustainability Goals
Sub-Zero has long been committed to sustainability, aiming to minimize their environmental impact through various initiatives. The company is dedicated to reducing energy consumption, minimizing waste, and operating in an eco-friendly manner. Their Dallas showroom was therefore an ideal place to implement their sustainability goals.

Kristin Darnell, the regional marketing manager at Sub-Zero, expressed her enthusiasm for this project: “We’re proud to be working with NATiVE Solar as we strive to improve our showroom’s environmental impact. We just installed 139 solar panels on the roof of the Dallas showroom that will cut our energy consumption by about 25%. Knowing that we own this building, we are able to make long-term investments that align with our company values and can better the Dallas community.”

The NATiVE Solar Installation
The heart of this sustainable transformation lies in the solar installation crafted by NATiVE. The system, just shy of 68 kW, comprises 139 Q-Cell 485 Watt solar modules plugged into 35 Yotta Energy microinverters. Each microinverter operates at 480 volts, accommodating four panels, making it one of NATiVE’s pioneering commercial microinverter projects.

This technology is not just cutting-edge; it’s a game-changer. Commercial microinverters like these allow NATiVE to compete with other commercial-scale technologies while offering an easier installation and monitoring process. This level of precision ensures that Sub-Zero can monitor the system on a panel-by-panel basis, providing a holistic understanding of energy generation and consumption. This enhanced monitoring capability enables NATiVE to provide reliable servicing over the system’s 25-year warranty life and beyond.

Sarah Northouse, Sustainability Project Lead for Sub-Zero, has been steering the sustainability ship since 2012. She had this to say about their collaboration with NATiVE: “Within 10 minutes of talking to NATiVE Solar, I felt that connection instantly. The project aligned with our aesthetics, their design was exactly within our project scope, and we are really proud of the outcome of the project and look forward to future projects with them.”

A Call to Action for Businesses
Sub-Zero’s successful solar installation stands as a testament to their commitment to sustainability and showcases the capabilities of NATiVE Solar. If your business owns commercial properties and seeks to invest in cheaper energy while meeting clean energy goals, NATiVE is your trusted partner every step of the way.

By harnessing the power of solar energy, your business can significantly reduce overhead costs and make a positive impact on the environment. Moreover, investing in sustainable practices like solar installations can be immensely appealing to consumers who are increasingly environmentally conscious.

We were happy to attend Sub-Zero’s Octoberfest Celebration

NATiVE’s expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining solar systems for commercial properties makes the transition to clean energy seamless and cost-effective for our customers. Our team works closely with you to understand your unique needs, providing tailored solutions that align with your sustainability goals. With NATiVE, you’re not just lowering your carbon footprint; you’re also improving your bottom line.

Sub-Zero’s recent solar installation at their Dallas showroom is an example of how businesses can achieve their sustainability objectives while reducing energy costs. As the world moves toward a greener future, the time is now for businesses to embrace clean energy solutions. If you’re a business owner with commercial properties, don’t miss the opportunity to follow in Sub-Zero’s footsteps. Contact NATiVE today to embark on your journey toward a sustainable and cost-effective energy future.

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