NATiVE: Expert Installers and Technicians
While NATiVE Solar is most commonly known as a solar installation company, another facet of our business – servicing and maintaining solar PV systems – sets us apart from the rest. Our service crew is dedicated to maintaining solar customers’ systems, regardless of if they were installed by NATiVE or another solar provider. Properly identifying a problem and finding the right solution can be a challenge, but it’s one that our team of troubleshooting experts are prepared to take on, no matter how complex the issue.

Our Service Technicians
NATiVE’s service crew gets a lot of practice in the field, typically servicing 2-3 sites per day. This crew is made up of five individuals–two in the office and three field technicians. In addition to the service crew, NATiVE has several electricians and technicians on the installation side that are fantastic at preemptively identifying issues and fixing them before the installation is complete. This allows our service crew to spend more time tackling complex projects that would stump the average installer. It also gives our service team time to diagnose and finish jobs left abandoned by installers who were unable to resolve issues with the system.

What Sets Our Crew Apart
The success of our service team is due in part to a strong troubleshooting mindset, which is critical for servicing any technology. Unlike NATiVE, many solar providers don’t have anyone on staff who knows how to troubleshoot a system effectively and instead rely on the component manufacturers to walk them through fixing a problem. This is what gives NATiVE an edge in the industry—we have multiple technicians on both the install and service sides that understand how to effectively identify an issue and get it resolved in a timely way.

Another thing that sets NATiVE apart is our full in-house crew dedicated to the installation and maintenance of each system. From start to finish, our customers have only NATiVE employees on site, not subcontractors. This, along with 16 years of industry experience, allows our crew to tackle even solar PV systems installed by other companies, which is rare within the industry. Most solar technicians won’t touch a system if they did not install it. In contrast, our service team loves to take on a good challenge and remediate systems across all of Texas, regardless of who originally installed it.

Our Warranty
As for service warranties, our offers are similar to those of other installers, which include a 10-year warranty on the workmanship of each system. This warranty covers anything that is installed improperly or any issues that may arise with the wiring of a system. For equipment malfunction, the manufacturer covers warranties on each system component. NATiVE simply charges for labor to diagnose and replace the failed components, similarly to how the warranties on many household appliances work.

NATiVE also partners with a variety of stakeholders to service solar systems under unique circumstances. We have partnered with finance companies to maintain systems that have been abandoned by their original installer to ensure the solar customers continue to receive benefits from their installations. We have also partnered with roofers and insurance adjusters to help customers who need their roof replaced, and thus need their solar panels removed and later reinstalled. NATiVE’s work even continues past the residential level. We have partnered with larger solar companies to maintain commercial and industrial behind-the-meter systems and are able to install large-scale commercial and industrial solar systems as well.

Solar Requires Minimal Maintenance
While the ability to service solar PV systems is important, remember that solar typically requires very little maintenance, even decades after installation. Most of our service crew’s work is due to equipment failure that can be traced back to the manufacturer. Solar is therefore special in that it’s rare for any other income producing asset to require as little maintenance as a solar system that was installed properly. In other words, once it’s generating electricity and saving you money, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have to invest more money into keeping your solar system running efficiently.

Need Service?
If you’re a solar owner who’s system has failed or no longer generates electricity at it’s capacity, you may want to consider getting our service crew to come take a look. As mentioned, our team has the knowledge and expertise needed to diagnose the problem and find a solution that can bring your system back up to speed as quickly as possible.

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