solar and electric cars

Tesla Model 3

Solar and Electric Cars
By Jay Thomas | NATiVE Solar Consultant

For the past 15 years it’s been my dream to completely erase my carbon footprint and live entirely on solar energy. My career at Native Solar as a solar consultant, my recent purchase of a Tesla Model 3, and the installation of a charger from Smart Charge America, has allowed me to further pursue my dreams of erasing my carbon footprint and living on solar energy.

Regarding your carbon footprint, there are two main ways you can shrink it. One way is photovoltaic systems, or more commonly known as solar panels. They provide a key benefit of producing power for electricity consumption with little to no carbon footprint. When your home is powered by solar panels, you may have a reduced or entirely negated electric bill, and a vastly reduced carbon footprint.

However, that’s only half of the equation.

solar and electric cars

Tesla Car Charger

The other way to reduce your carbon footprint is your transportation. If you are an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) driver, you’re still adding carbon and other chemicals to the atmosphere when you burn gas as you drive.

This is where an EV can bridge the gap. When you have rooftop solar, and you are using some of that electricity to charge an electric car, you are no longer contributing greenhouse gases to the environment. Further, solar energy doesn’t have to just be about saving the planet. The combination of solar with EVs can even save you a significant amount of money.

Because solar comes with a fixed, up-front cost, you only have to pay for it once. Whereas if you continue to pay your electric bill as normal, you are basically renting your electricity because your payment never goes away. It will even go up over time due to inflation as well as rising energy rates.

Investing in solar is a smart decision, even if you decide to take out a loan to pay for your solar. It’s still cheaper in the long run than paying your electric bill for the rest of your life. After your solar is paid for, you will, in effect, be driving for free without the need to visit a gas station, you also won’t have an electric bill to pay.

For the vast majority of middle class America, the surest path to wealth creation is home ownership. Not only can you own your home, but you can now own your power instead of renting it.

solar and electric cars

With the help of Smart Charge America I made the plunge to a carbon-free, low cost life style, and I couldn’t be happier! With current rebates and incentives for solar and EVs nearing their end, this is one of the best times we’ve ever seen to get started.

Here’s to making your own power!


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