“Bienvenida a Laredo”

When it comes to a solid solar foundation Laredo is a new frontier of opportunity and challenges. Location has always been the issue with these markets, because of that Laredo through the Rio Grande Valley has largely been underserved, underdeveloped, and under-marketed to when it comes to solar development in the area.

Opportunity Challenge
Many challenges face early adopters of new technology. The greatest of these hurdles has historically been the lack of credible information for consumers. Additionally, an absence of competition can create a vacuum for unsavory contractors to temporarily thrive by misleading consumers and spread false information. These practices not only damage the individual homeowner but the local industry as a whole. Furthermore, lack of financial and electrical contracting integrity leads to increased homeowner frustration, plummeting city engagement, and an excessively damaging lack of community trust.

That’s where NATiVE steps in
NATiVE Solar has launched this expansion with a focus on consumer education through a consultative sales and service approach. By focusing on building local teams that live within the communities they serve, our company shares a dedication to the grand mission of renewable energy and our role as stewards of our environment. NATiVE Solar leverages 14 years of experience in solar and net-zero home building to provide economies of scale; reducing soft costs and delivering more value to homeowners and our team members.

Laredo Launch
Our solar consultants are based in the Laredo area and bilingual – like many of the customers they serve. It’s NATiVE Solar’s responsibility to hire solar consultants who reflect the community and have its best interest in mind. NATiVE Solar sees an opportunity to provide Laredo homeowners a higher quality renewable energy foundation, resulting in high quality system designs and installations that will stand the test of time. The combination of local solar experts who live in the communities they serve joining a company with a long standing track record, will raise the solar bar for this community. Whether it comes from residential, commercial, or utility scale solar adoption, NATiVE Solar would like to see this area take advantage of its abundant solar resource on a large scale.

Team Rio Grande
Moving southwest down The Rio Grande, we observed a similar opportunity to take this same approach further south, offering our services in Zapata, through the RGV, and all the way to the white sands of South Padre Island. NATiVE Solar has 14 years of experience and a reputation of treating its customers with the utmost respect and quality. It’s no coincidence that NATiVE Solar receives almost all of its new business from its past customers through referrals. Over its 14 years in business, NATiVE Solar has offered its services throughout The Lone Star State, and this expansion will allow an increased level of customer experience while empowering South Texas consumers to own their energy. NATiVE Solar will soon allow the consumer (or “prosumer”) to be in direct control of their usage and experience the immense financial gains that solar can provide.

Join the Renewable Energy and Grid Evolution (REvolution)!
NATiVE is trying to change the way we all look at renewable energy and the role we play as a prosumer. This concept does not stop at the residential level. We have, and are looking to continue, to leave our fingerprint on commercial, utility, community solar and beyond. We not only want to provide high quality solar services to our customers, but continue our efforts of building informed solar communities that provide jobs and benefits all of those who participate. This announcement is intended to share our excitement with citizens in these areas that we are here for you just as we have been with your fellow Texans in the many other markets we serve across the state. We have a lot planned for the City of Laredo, Rio Grande, its homeowners, commercial projects, and utilities involved.

NATiVE Solar has much more to come for the City of Laredo and the Rio Grande and is excited to bring our experience and cost savings to homeowners, small businesses and south Texas!

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