Everyone wants a cleaner and better future but what are the steps we, collectively and individually, can take to get there? The first and major step would be switching to solar energy. It may come as a surprise but a solar system has more benefits than just being a renewable source of energy for us. In this article we will highlight how going solar has the capability of making a greener grid.

To begin let’s understand what “The Grid” is. The grid in its most simplest of terms is what connects us to electricity. If you take a look outside it’s those tall poles with wires running up and down it, connecting peoples homes to the electricity. In some cases, they are underground, but you get the picture.

When you make that switch to solar you are no longer just pulling electricity from the grid, which is usually powered by fossil fuels; coal and natural gas, followed by nuclear.

Now you are pulling energy from the sun!

And not only are you powering your own house but any excess electricity that your solar panels produced can run back into the grid to help with the demands of electricity. So in addition to using a renewable energy source to power your home you are using it to help stabilize the grid. Stabilizing the grid using your solar produced electricity is creating a huge positive impact on the environment!

But wait, there’s more!

greener grid

When you make this switch to solar, most homeowners become more involved with their family’s carbon footprint and consumption patterns. This transition to a solar system allows you to monitor your own electric consumption and production, which then leads to changes in behavior and conservation. With the solar system, you have now moved from a consumer to a prosumer!

Renewable energy is the wave of the future towards a more sustainable and greener future. You can take that first step by switching to solar energy and helping the grid and your community become greener, and cleaner.

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Greener Grid