Do you live in the Oncor service area? Have you been experiencing power outages?

Power Outages
Chances are you are suffering from the effects of a pandemic, a dramatic shift in electric loads and instability in the electric grid. Due to COVID19 many folks are at home and that has caused some challenges for utilities and grid operators leading to these frequent power outages, sometimes referred to as “brown outs”.

Getting Ahead of the Storm
In Texas we are no stranger to storms and with hurricane season quickly approaching, we will be adding a whole new dimension to our current struggle with power outages.

Not only do power outages occur from high power demands and storms but from trees, vehicles hitting utility poles, animals, and all kinds of outside sources we have no control over. That brings us to the next question; is there anything we can do to maintain our power during these times?
The answer is solar and storage! And thankfully, we have a few more months left for a 26% tax credit for your home!

The Benefits of Solar + Storage
Many folks know that solar generates power when the sun hits those glimmering panels, but an aspect most people don’t know is that you can also install a solar battery in your very own backyard. A solar battery keeps any excess electricity that you don’t use on those good days accessible for those rainy days, or even at night.

When you install solar energy you are still connected to “the grid”, which is the system that electric companies use to deliver power to their customers, so when a power outage happens you may experience a flicker but your storage battery will kick right up and continue to service you. While non-solar customers, and many with only solar, will have to wait hours, days or in worse cases weeks before someone is available to come out and fix the issue for them.

Another uncommonly known fact is that even without a battery backup, you can still generate power with new solar technology while the sun is shining if the electric grid is down.

Want to know more? Here is a quick summary of options that can keep the lights on and the fridge cold during times of uncertainty, and a chance to save money.

NATiVE Solar has a solution

  1. A basic solar system includes panels, inverters and the sun. However, this alone will not “island” if the grid goes down. But, if you install an inverter, viola!
  2. Another option is to use your electric vehicle as a battery backup. Want to learn more?
  3. And a final, but amazing option is a basic solar system with a battery backup. Now you’re really resilient, in fact, your home is now a microgrid!!!

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Ready to make your home more resilient?