Are you a PEC electricity customer interested in learning about rooftop solar? Join social media strategist Steven Rosenberg and NATiVE Solar policy lover David Dixon as they have a candid conversation with Brad Clark, the PEC Energy Services Manager.

Over the course of the discussion several topics are discussed:

  • PEC’s new commercial solar policy for systems larger than 50kw
  • The new Time of Use (TOU) rate tariff being rolled out to better align coop energy costs with customers usage profiles
  • Cooperative Solar, a solar option for those that can not own their own solar array
  • The Empower Loan program, which lends up to $20,000 to members for solar and storage systems and is paid back over ten years.
  • Residential battery storage

Come out and visit us at the PEC Hill Country Solar Tour this Saturday. The event starts at the PEC Oak Hill office before dispersing to nearby homes with solar installations. We will have folks out at 8901 Deer Haven Road to walk you through a solar installation and answer any questions that you may have. We can even show you what your electric bill could look like after installing solar.

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