Recycling Solar Panels Like all manufactured products, there will come a time when solar panels reach their end of life. If the environment is a concern of yours, like it is ours, you’re probably thinking, ‘What will happen to all the materials used in making solar panels?’.

The infographic below, produced by GREENMATCH explains how solar panels can be recycled, utilizing their parts in future projects. To read further, please check out their article: The Opportunities of Solar Panel Recycling: What Happens to PV Panels When Their Life Cycle Ends here:

Recycling: A Solar Panels Life after Death [infographic]

Disposal of Solar Panels
From a regulatory aspect, PV panel waste still falls under the general waste classification. A sole exception exists at EU-level, where PV panels are defined as e-waste in the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive. The PV panel waste management is thus regulated by this directive, additionally to other legal frameworks.

The solar cells manufacturers are bound by law to fulfil specific legal requirements and recycling standards in order to make sure that solar panels do not become a burden to the environment. That is when technologies to recycle solar panels started emerging.

Photovoltaic producers collaborated with governmental institutions and have come up with a few ways to tackle solar waste.