Divide Pass – Blanco,TX

The Divide Pass Project is a 10.98kW ground mounted residential solar photovoltaic (PV) array consisting of 36 305W Conergy solar panels and 2 SunnyBoy centralized inverters, with one being the SunnyBoy7000 and the other SunnyBoy3800. This project consists of 3 free-standing ground-mounted arrays as the homeowners had a nice clearing of land for solar.

This homeowner can expect to generate a minimum of 25 years, maintenance free, clean energy from this NATiVE solar array, offsetting hundreds of tons of CO2 over it’s lifetime.

  • 3 Ground Mount Solar Arrays

  • (36) 305W Conergy Solar Panels

  • (1) SMA SunnyBoy 7000 Centralized Inverter

  • (1) SMA SunnyBoy 3800 Centralized Inverter