Simple. Solar. Ownership.

NATiVE is proud to partner with Dividend for our customers’ solar financing needs.

Founded in 2013
By Eric White and Steve Michella. Eric and Steve grew their careers in the private equity space, and became interested in emerging markets that were underserved from a capital perspective. They turned their focus to renewable energies in 2013, and started Dividend, a finance and technology platform for solar ownership.

How are they different?
Dividend Finance offers solar financing that combines the best parts of the lease and PPA finance models, with the upside of solar ownership.

Dividend enables customers to go solar with the peace of mind of a 20-year full service warranty, along with a performance guarantee, while owning their system.

  • Own, don’t rent, your electricity.
  • There has never been a better time to go solar. And now, with the EmpowerLoan™, there has never been a better way.
  • The benefits of leasing, with the upsides of ownership.

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