The Global Energy Transition

Our aim is to make solar more accessible and understood for everyone.

Our Nation is experiencing impacts of a global energy transition.

The future of energy will foster community engagement, stabilize power grids and offer schools an opportunity to bring work-study and vocation training back to ISDs as we build a critical infrastructure workforce.

Critical Infrastructure Workforce – Solar Jobs

Today solar education focuses on installation, sales, system design (includes drone surveys), and soon cybersecurity will take shape in terms of career pathways.

The opportunity and demand will place schools at the forefront of our energy future.

There is a tremendous supply shortage of trade skill workers, especially in the solar industry.

Solar jobs offer competitive pay, nearing six figures, directly out of high school with certifications in a much needed trade.

The Apprenticeship Program – Filling the Gap

NATiVE Solar offers schools curriculum, Subject Matter Experts to train the trainers, and in collaboration with IREC and SEIA, will help to facilitate solar apprenticeship programs across the nation. Participating schools help create more jobs in a rapidly growing industry for a high trade. We engage with electricians, plumbers, roofers and construction to offer cross-training opportunities and demystify solar, as well as energy efficiency and alternative energy.

Texas needs more solar technicians, installers, and designers for energy security and preparation for future cyber and physical threats. Solar is a crucial component as alternative energy solutions continue to evolve and we help America reach its ambitious goal of 100% clean energy by 2035.


Join us, Bryan ISD and other Texans as we Take Our Power Back!

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