When you add solar and batteries to a home, you create what’s called a microgrid. Microgrids facilitate off-grid power, which establishes a safe space where family members and friends can gather and have access to important resources during the event of a blackout.

In a community with microgrids, the grid itself becomes more stable due to a decrease in strain, making it less likely to experience complete grid failure.

With temperatures in Texas becoming more extreme every year, a prudent decision would be adding solar and batteries to your home. Not only will your family stay comfortable during the course of a blackout (which may become more likely as we continue to break energy demand records), but you’ll also be protecting yourself from further energy cost increase.

Texas residents have already seen a 70% increase in their energy costs this past year, and it’s likely to continue increasing as summer progresses with record-breaking temperatures. Solar allows prosumers to lock in electric rates and shield families from market volatility spikes. Savings begin in month one and payback periods for Texas range from 4 to 7 years on average.

Free yourself from grid uncertainty & price hikes by going solar.


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