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One of the coolest (and weirdest) things happening this spring is the 2019 Weird Homes Tour in Austin!

We are a very proud sponsor of the Weird Homes Tour podcast, which you can find here: Weird Homes Podcast Powered by NATiVE Solar. You can listen to the show on Spotify, Google Podcasts, subscribe to it here, and follow the show on Facebook Check it out, it’s great!

NATiVE Solar will also be onsite at one of the weird homes providing anyone and everyone on the tour with a free quote to turn your home or business into an energy-efficient, solar-powered, sustainable space.

During the self-paced, self-driving tours you will visit the inside of homes of collectors of oddities, rare art collectors, performance artists, painters, sculptors and architects. And you can buy with your heart, since as a social impact company, Weird Homes Tour donates to local nonprofits in all the cities they are in. Sign up on their mailing list to get exclusive pre-sales, win VIP tickets and more.

Austin Weird Homes Tour

WHEN: Saturday 4/20 2019 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

WHAT: Eight to ten Weird Austin homes and homeowners will open their doors, answer your questions, and share their stories about where they live. Which just happen to be the strangest homes in the city! Homes this year include: House of Wonder, The Keep, Home of the Mysterious Planchette, OMG House, Bloomhouse (VIP ONLY), The Music Home, Under the Sea, & The Earthbag House.

And if you buy a VIP ticket, you will also get exclusive access to a special bonus Austin home (The Bloomhouse – pictured above), and a copy of Weird Homes: The Austin Coffee Table Book or a Hat! With every ticket you buy, you are also supporting the fight for affordable housing in Austin.

ULTRA VIP: Want us to drive you around during the tour, give you champagne, and have one year of free tickets to everything we do across America? Plus extras? Then you need our ULTRA VIP key.

HOW: Purchase your ULTRA VIP, VIP or normal tickets to this fantastic self-guided, self-driving tour and come enjoy the sixth annual Austin Weird Homes Tour!

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